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 Failed ForumGM apps

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PostSubject: Failed ForumGM apps   Mon Jan 25, 2010 4:38 am

Srry but you have failed
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PostSubject: Re: Failed ForumGM apps   Thu Feb 25, 2010 10:34 pm

Me I Have Failed? With My GM App?


Age: 12 And Half... I TURNED 12 YESTERDAY!!

City: Canada>Alberta>Edmonton

My experience As a GM?

I HAve Been a GM Twise.

I Dont Have a Big deal With Hackers I Give Them Second Chances If There Nice.
I Like To Host Events!(Very Good Prizes!!!Like 999 Att Mop etc.
I May Help Players With There Needs Or Help Them With Our Server.
If Anyone Brakes a Rule Or Hacks They Get a Scond Chance.(No One Will Hack In Our Good Server Anyways...)
Im Nice And Respect Anyone Who Joins,Plays, or Owns MoodStoryMS.

Time I Have been Playing MoodStoryMS

I Think I Have Played MoodStoryMS For About 2 Weeks Now.
I Know Lots Of Members.And Respect Them To..

Experience With a Pirvet Server.

I Have Lots Of Experience With a Privet Server Cause I Have My Own.

What I Do Too Members Breaking The Rules/Hacking

It Depends On What Hack.
I Do Not Like Hackers Never Will And Its Going To Bee That way for A Long Time.


(Dont read Mine.... I Had To Go To Dinner So i Rushed It....)
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Failed ForumGM apps
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