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 BabyAngels 2nd GM APPLICATION<3

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PostSubject: BabyAngels 2nd GM APPLICATION<3   Fri Apr 02, 2010 10:15 pm

Nickname: Angel
IGN: BabyAngels
Time Zone:EST +11

How long have you played MoodStoryMS?
abt 2 days now, so far for the present time. I played for a month after ForeverMS was closed then i stopped.Also I Have played FarmerMS, NoobMS, and much more.

Please list any other Private Servers you were a GM in.
I was a gm in LoveStoryms for nine or more months. ( Started in April of 2007 ending near or slightly after February 2008) The server was shut down.i also was gm in aetas ms.and Many more private servers

What do you believe are your good qualities?
I will be a great influence to the public, and will help better enforce the rules and different statistics presented to me. I'll be a fair Game-Master, I won't abuse my powers, but I won't just let them sit there and become useless. I'll try my best to put a smile on everyone's faces by giving them great service whenever needed. Not to mention, that I'll help answer questions and solve problems to my full extent and knowledge. I have to do what I am responsible for first, before playing around.

What do you believe are your bad qualities?
My attitude. I will be honest. I am not the happy person who thinks of everything turning out all right. I guess I can say I’m rather pessimistic. No, I do not hope for a bad outcome. I just like to think realistically. Saying this, I think it is safe to say that I almost always have a back up plan, if needed. I dislike people who start something without even thinking about what they should do if it goes wrong. I guess that’s just how I feel sometimes, though. I can be rather cheery and outgoing. I think of my attitude as a mask. I wear different masks around different people. I am quite indifferent as to what others think of me and just go by what I know I am.

How many hours per day are you able to play MoodStoryMS?
I'm excessively active, if I'm not online its either because I'm doing something important or because I'm unable to do so. But trust me, most of the time, I'll be online.

What could you contribute to the server that others can't?
Raw experience. I am serious about this. I have been a Game master in (1) other server and I know how a hacker works. I’ve played global maplestory for more then five years. I know what hackers will do to avoid getting banned and how they do it. I know the maps where they will go to hack. I know what they will do. I know them. I have high experience as a Game master. I know the commands and how to use them. I have memorized nearly every commands and have utilized them.

Finally, what it really comes down to me, my motivation. I want to help people. I don’t care if you don’t give me the ability to get any items, to summon, or anything. I would be content with the required stuff. !ban, !jail, !cheaters, and !warp. That’s all I need to get what I plan to do done. I’m not doing this for me. I’m doing it for the normal players who are just trying to have some fun. I want to answer their questions, no matter how obvious and I want to help make this community better.

How would you handle a hacker if you saw one?
Depending on the status and availability of another GM in a circumstance of seeing a questionable hacker (In which most cases are rare to find) I would keep in contact by view of the questionable hacker untill something is more reasonably assumed to be a hack. As well, i would be making screen shots of each hacker providing proof as well using the reasoning of a ban while doing one. As another addition, once i have screen shot/banned the hacker i will create my own personal post for proof evidence of the hackers for the notability of those whom would need proof to deny/accept a ban appeal in future reference.Thank you<3. Woah took me so long to write this =/
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BabyAngels 2nd GM APPLICATION<3
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