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PostSubject: GM APP FOR OMGg   Mon Mar 29, 2010 4:40 am

i am 15 years old
Hi, my name is jeffrey,my ingame name is OMGg
my time zone is Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)
EMAIL: staycooljeff@hotmail.com
Facebook:name : jac zhang email:staycooljeff@hotmail.com

I believe i should be a GM because:
I am regularly an active player with generally 5 hours of playing every day
I have made a server myself before and played with some friends from school
I have not posted so many posts on the forrum but i do help alot of people ingame
I have a very wide knowlege of maplestory and if i do not know then i do do reasearch to find the best possible answer
im a helpful person in the game / i dont give out items and breaking rules.
if i see a hacker i ban them straight away and take a screen shot.

i am generally on for about 2 hours on a school night and on weekends or holidays it can be up to 10 hours.

My best qualities are that i am a Diligent person, i always like to get things done, i can fix my own computer, i am good at math, if i dont know an answer to a question i am always willing to go search it out. I have good comunicational skills and i know i will be a fair person which will be reflected on how i will play the game.

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