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 PureSecks GM APP

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PostSubject: PureSecks GM APP   Sat Mar 27, 2010 1:41 pm

Name : Henry

Age : 14

Time Zone : GST +10

Country : Australia

Background : Asian (Vietnamese)

Expirience : I've been an Admin and a Super GM (lvl 3) in many servers. (Currently a GM right now) The servers are Fapstory, SextMS (currently), Stolen MS, Mark MS, Zethian MS, Rainbow MS
How i can help the server : I can help in developing this server and improving this server. Im a REALLY friendly guys so i'd communicate with people alot and do shifts (like you know like looking around the server for hackers)

Good Qualitie(s) : I go on alot and i do NOT abuse my powers. I do NOT give out free stuff even if they're like my friends or something. I'd ask the Owner for permission if it's something like an emergency. I know lots of the commands and are still learning even more to reach my maximum potential.
Negative Qualitie(s) : I know this may be a bad thing and lower my chance but i'd rather be honest now. I'm kind of a short tempered person (so i can get angry pretty easily)

What I'll Do : I'd Host alot of events and do whatever the owner tells me to do.

Thank You for using your time just to read my GM Application and, for the last time, Thank You

This is PureSecks
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PostSubject: Re: PureSecks GM APP   Sat Mar 27, 2010 1:47 pm


i rate u 10/10 nice app u taken!

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PureSecks GM APP
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